Ghosts and other scary things

Here’s something you guys might not know about me – I’m terrified of ghosts. So much so that just writing that sentence is giving me hives. I’m pretty sure I’ve now sent a message to the underworld and everything that goes bump in the night has been summoned to haunt me.

I think this is why I’ve had so many hauntings in my life. My fears called out to the universe and made me an easy target.

You think I’m crazy, right? I’m not. Or maybe I am. But explain this to me.

Just today my youngest’s baby monitor picked up all sorts of noise – furniture and toys moving, something smacking together, and other noises I couldn’t make out. And get this, no one was in the there. Not either of my boys, not my husband or the dogs. These noises kept on for a good five minutes before it stopped. Then it was pure, eerie silence.

I stood there frozen, listening to the monitor, unable to pick it up to see if things were flying across the room. Unable to call my husband to tell him we’re going to have to move.

I survived though, lived to write the tale of another ghost that likes to torment me.

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