I did something crazy, at least for me. For my next release, SHALLOW, a Young Adult that’s releasing on June 13, 2018, I set up pre-order on all major platforms but Amazon. While I’ll also be publishing on Amazon, that pre-order won’t go live until roughly ten days before release.

Anyway, I’m stoked to be sharing the blurb with you all and am even more excited for the cover reveal. More details on sign-ups and dates coming soon. Now onto the fun stuff…

Brinley Crassus
Sedlacek College Prepatory High School’s princess.
She belittled the weak, the easy prey, using her victims to cover her own wounds.

Roderick Roher
Sedlacek College Prepatory High School’s freak.
He didn’t need anyone, only the script that bled from his soul.

He was the boy she turned her back on when he needed her the most.

Words tore them apart, and ultimately brought them back together. But once again, callous whispers fell from betrayed lips, threatening to destroy what they’d vowed to protect.

When the echo of their argument leaves their relationship in turmoil, Brinley and Roderick are faced with the ultimate decision – fight desperately together or surrender to lives apart.

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